S’mores Galore Milkshake from The Dory at The Lodge on the Cove

This s’more galore milkshake recipe from the dory at the lodge on the cove will bring back summertime memories of nights spent gathered around the campfire.

milkshake ingredients

  • 2 large scoops vanilla ice cream
  • ½ cup milk
  • smidge of chocolate syrup


  • more chocolate syrup
  • vanilla cake frosting
  • crushed graham crackers
  • whipped cream

s’mores ingredients

  • 1 marshmallow
  • 1/3 chocolate bar
  • 1 full graham cracker

prepare your glass

  1.  use a spoon or small spatula to apply frosting to rim of cup (hint: we use plastic cups at the dory. and the more frosting, the better!)
  2. crush up some graham crackers into itty bitty specs and put onto a plate!
  3.  roll the frosted rim of the cup in the crushed graham cracker, be sure to cover the top too!
  4. pop your cup into the fridge or freezer while you make the s’mores & shake

make your s’mores

  1. we made our s’mores in the microwave: on a plate, assemble 1/2 of your graham cracker (bottom), a big marshmallow (middle), and 1/3 of your chocolate bar (top)
  2. warm on high for 10 seconds
  3. be careful pulling it out, it’s hot and that marshmallow is 4x its original size
  4. put the other half graham cracker on top
  5. pop into the fridge to cool

milkshake instructions

  1. blend ice cream, milk, and chocolate syrup together.
  2. add more milk if needed to get the right consistency.


  1. squeeze chocolate syrup along the inside of the cup. let it run down the inside and pool a little at the bottom (that’s a treat for later!)
  2. pour your milkshake into the cup
  3. add a generous, dory-approved amount of whipped cream to the top!
  4. add your s’mores to the top, too
s’mores galore milkshake
s’mores galore milkshake
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