The Spirit of Table

When you think about the important areas of your life, what comes to mind?

Is it your family? Your job?  Your health? What about what you do with your free time?

We believe in creating a balance in all of those arenas. The community we create at home and at work is part of our overall well-being.

What we chose on a day-to-day basis reflects these values. Table’s focus is on fulfilling the creative culinary drive to fuel the spirit. Food is at the center of our business and is a integral part of our life in the hospitality world.

Food is not just our work – its is our passion.

It drives us to think about what we value: authentic relationships, good friends, and great times spent together.

We have made it our mission to create fulfilling classes and events that are an extension of this passion.

We look forward to seeing you at our events in Kennebunkport.

-Kristin and the Staff at TABLE

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