One thing is for sure…you will not be bored during your stay in Kennebunkport. Countless activities are available whether you love to soak up the sun, set sail on a handmade schooner or learn about local history. Various shops are filled with the perfect souvenir from your trip or gift for that special someone. Local nature trails meander through conservation land and salt marshes, and our back roads are perfect for exploring by bike or scooter.

In the summer, downtown Kennebunkport is bustling with visitors from all over the world, looking to experience “the way life should be”.

During winter months, Kennebunkport is quiet little paradise and there is lots of cool stuff to do! Explore this list of favorite winter activities, comprised by the Kennebunkport Resort Collection.

So, be sure to pack your energy for your trip – there are so many places to visit in Maine and lots to be done in the Port!

COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 Resources

In these uncertain times, many questions have arisen around the town of Kennebunkport’s accessibility to locals and visitors. We have rounded up a list…

Kennebunkport Water Tours Schooner Eleanor

In the Water

Whether you want to be on the water, in the water or simply near it, Kennebunkport’s myriad watersports, cruises and recreational activities are limitless!…


Kennebunkport, Maine might not be known for its style and fashion, but we’re sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you get here. Local shops…

In the Woods

Kennebunkport, Maine’s natural beauty is abundant and breathtaking. Rocky coastline peppered with pristine beaches, miles of walking trails in untouched woods and panoramic vistas…